Hello there! I'm Allison, and I am happy you're here.

I maintained this blog from 2011-2015 and shared many of my experiences as a mother and as a certified Simplicity Parenting® Coach.  Much of my writing has centered on slowing down and noticing what is truly happening in each moment.

For four years, this online space has been dedicated to noticing the beauty in the small details my days.  It has been about naming my values and holding tightly to them when the pressures of the world came knocking on my door.  It has been about using the extraordinary power of less to deepen my relationships.

Perhaps someday I will revisit this space more regularly and begin blogging again.  But for now, I am very content to focus my energies on my family, serving as a leader for our local chapter of the Holistic Moms Network and establishing a Green Team at my children's school.

I hope you will enjoy my archived posts about Simple and Mindful living.  And although I am not currently offering Simplicity Parenting workshops, I am always happy to talk about clearing old patterns to make way for bold, fair and wise parenting; decluttering our home environments and changing our habits as consumers; creating predictable rhythms and meaningful family traditions; and deepening our connections to Nature to prompt mindfulness and swift action on her behalf.  I love these topics!  Come find me on Facebook and Pinterest and let's explore them together...