The Gift of a Rainy Morning

This rainy summer morning had me appreciating the chance to slow down and spend time with my children. Nowhere to go, nothing to do…but play and talk and listen. It’s amazing what you hear when you actually listen, isn’t it?

In his book, Simplicity Parenting, Kim John Payne writes so eloquently about the soul fevers that our children experience. Those times when we know in our bones that something is off, that our children are not their usual, bright, joyful selves. Sometimes gloom, fussiness, or frustration, settle in for awhile instead.

As humans, we all experience these soul fevers. We all have periods of ups and downs. And we do our best, with what knowledge and ability we have at the time, to navigate through these moods and feelings as a family.

I love Kim’s reminder of all the tenderness and compassion that we easily pour into our children when they have physical fevers. Kim challenges us to treat soul fevers the same way. When we slow down, suspend the normal routine and stay close, we can allow the fever to run its course and find our way back to a new- simpler- normal.

Rainy days can give us that chance, too. What a great excuse to suspend the normal routine and stay close. Rainy days are perfect days for reconnecting.


There are some great posts in the Simplicity Parenting Archives about Soul Fever in overtired children and kids worrying about school.  Check them out!

By Emma, Age 4


Mary Beth said...

As a Mom of a now 30 year old son (yikes!), I remember well those rainy summer days and I too really loved them. Watching Willie Wonka for the 50th time and still enjoying the same questions about the glass ceiling and Oompa-Loompas; playing checkers or sorting baseball cards, all accompanied by brilliant 5-year-old conversations. I, for one, never wanted summer to end.
What I regret, about those wonderful rainy summer days, is I don't think I appreciated them nearly enough; for all too soon they are just a memory. So be assured that "Rainy Mornings" are truly a Gift. Don't miss them. Make a memory that will last a lifetime.

Allison Abramson said...

Sweet memories, Mary Beth. Thank you for writing! xo