Summer of Love::Check In

I want to reach out to my community today to ask “How is it going?” Do you feel like you’re experiencing a Summer of Love, or a Summer of Struggles?

I’ve had a few different conversations with friends who told me that they think about the Summer of Love when they’ve just bribed or punished or yelled at their kids….and then they feel guilty or disappointed or sad about it.

So, I want to remind you today to LOVE YOURSELF this summer, too. You cannot give to your family when your own cup is empty. Tired, sweaty, stressed parents do not have endless supplies of kindness and patience to give.

It is not unusual to come to a place where you feel completely tapped out and up against a wall as you try to explain that you just don’t know where her purple cup is, or you can’t drive him to his friend’s house right now, or whatever it might be. Those are the moments when it can escalate and turn into something you’re not proud of. I know, because I’ve been there, too.

But those moments are your red flags. They are the signs to stop and ask for help. Give yourself a break. Ask a friend to play with your kids for an hour or two while you do what you need to do to take care of your own needs. Maybe you’ll go for a walk, or sit in the quiet library, or meet a friend for lunch. Self-care is not a luxury…it is essential to good parenting.

Taking the time to fill your own cup will give you a fresh perspective. You will replenish your supplies of kindness and patience and creativity. You will be able to listen to your children once again, you will understand what they need, and you will be able to find your way again.

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