Simple Summer::Our Big Backyard

My daughters and I had a blast yesterday at the Roger Williams Park Zoo's newest installation, "Our Big Backyard."  If you are close to Providence, I highly recommend a visit.

The new outdoor play space incorporates many elements of nature with simple toys and a beautiful aesthetic to create a dream of a backyard!  An amazing (and handicapped accessible) treehouse towers over the play yard, complete with binoculars, wooden chimes, rainmakers and a scavenger hunt.

Down below, you will find more music making, as well as a stage for impromptu animal puppet shows, and an area for creating forts and tunnels and whatever your little mind can dream up when presented with playsilks and clips and chains and bins full of wooden blocks.  So cool!

The play space also has a fun water garden, where kids can control sprinklers and experiment with hoses and funky water wheels made from repurposed materials.  There's even a pond to go "fishing" with good, ol' fashioned wooden sticks!

My friend Jeanine wrote a great review of the play space last month.

So, come up to Providence and spend a morning in "Our Big Backyard."  Guaranteed you'll find inspiration for your own backyard, too!

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