Simple Summer::Little Reminders

The other morning I had to run a quick errand with my daughters in tow.  No sooner had we backed out of the driveway, then I could hear the distinct *thud* of shoes coming off and hitting the floor.  I found myself feeling irritated, as I started to think about what an inconvenience this barefootedness was, for now we would need to take the extra time to put two pairs of socks and shoes back on before we could run into the hardware store. 

Up in the driver's seat, I was still feeling sorry for myself as we passed through part of the Brown University campus.  Crossing the street in front of me, I saw a mom and her college-bound daughter.  They were carrying a little map, clearly familiarizing themselves with the girl's new home.  I imagined how they'd unpacked her belongings and set up her dorm room, and now they were out for a walk.  It wouldn't be long before mom would have to say "Good-bye."

In that moment, it occurred to me that if I had asked that mom about her thoughts on barefeet in the backseat, she surely would have laughed.  And she would've gladly chosen to trade places for a day, if only to have the chance to hold that little foot in her hand one more time and lovingly place the sock back on.

I was humbled.  And filled with gratitude for where I am right. now.  Yes, it is hard sometimes.  Yes, our pace is slow.  But I am grateful.

When we reached the store, I kissed each of my children, pulled the little straps across their feet, and gently fastened their buckles.

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amy (mamascout) said...

this is such a great reminder. i love when something jars my perspective back to where it needs to be before i turn into a jerk.