Season's Eatings

I have written before about how much I enjoy welcoming my children into the kitchen. Once a week we bake cookies or muffins together. Sometimes the kids pull up stools to help get dinner ready, peeling carrots or shelling peas. It’s a fun way to connect with each other, while they uncover the mysteries of measuring and mixing and cracking eggs. It is my hope that the memories of our time together in the kitchen- and the skills that they are learning- will stay with them throughout their lives.

Emma (left) making scones with our neighbor, Bella

For this reason, I feel blessed to have met Leah Cherry, who has a similar passion for teaching children practical skills for everyday living. Leah is the founder of Skill It, a company offering classes and workshops that support and encourage healthy children, families, and communities. Through hands-on lessons, Leah is teaching children how to grow, prepare and eat simple, healthy, and delicious food.

And this summer, the magic of Leah’s workshops is coming to your kitchen!!

She has created a wonderful new online program for families called Season’s Eatings. This program is chock-full of step-by-step recipes to help everyone cook together, as well as tips, games and fun activity sheets to get kids involved in the food shopping, visits to the famers’ markets, setting the table and cooking.

I am honored to be contributing to this great program, and so excited to offer my blog readers a very special discount! When you register, use the discount code “Simple” and pay only $15!

It really is that simple. Four weeks of great resources that you can use again and again, and plenty of inspiration to keep your family smiling in the kitchen!

Click here to register!

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