Simple Summer::Welcome

If there’s one thing that I’ve come to see, it’s how quickly the days pass by me.

To imagine that my oldest will soon be five, and my baby is almost three!

Summer days, so long and sweet, I want to savor every one.

For I know that I will soon look back, and miss them like the sun.

In the spirit of savoring all of summer’s goodness, I am creating a new weekly series on my blog! Each Friday morning, I will meet you here with words, images or other bits of inspiration for slowing down and making time for the simple joys of the season. 

Throughout the summer, I encourage you to add your own reflections and share suggestions for easy family-centered activities in the comments section or on Facebook.  Together, we will create a beautiful collection of summer musings!

Let's begin, shall we?  Jot down your own ode to summer.  Quick and dirty; short and sweet, it doesn't have to be fancy, or rhyme-y (unless you want it to be!).  Write a few simple lines about what you love most about this season of sun.  If you're feeling brave, share your thoughts in the comments below!



stacey said...

Sheets drying on the line
I pull them down and smell their summer goodness
Tonight, as the moon rises full in the dark sky and fireflies play hide-n-seek and wink at the old man
I will dream with the sun.

Allison Abramson said...

Oh yes, Stacey, I can smell the fresh sheets! Thanks for playing along.