Simple Summer::Bucket List

We welcomed Summer on Wednesday night with lovely friends and good conversation. I hope the season continues in much the same way- easy gatherings with loved ones, and classic summer fun for the kids. It’s these little joyful moments that will make the sweetest memories someday. And, what might the joyful moments look like this summer? I created a Summer Bucket List for inspiration...

Go strawberry picking

Design a fairy garden

Make art, outside, with the kids (sketch, paint, collage)

Learn to hoola (this one's for me!)

Picnic in the backyard

Take walks in the woods, find treasures for our nature table

Read stories and poetry in the fresh air

Spend lots of time at the beach

Tag the neighborhood with happy sidewalk chalk

Giggle under the big top

Listen to their music under the trees

Camp out in the backyard

Go to the county fair

It will be so very helpful to have this list to refer to as summer gets into full swing. These simple activities will be the priorities, and I will make space for them as we establish our summer rhythm and as we start to schedule things on the calendar. Weekend family time will feel easy and purposeful when we have a short list of ideas to go to.

So now it’s your turn! What joyful moments would you like to experience with your family this summer? What’s on your Summer Bucket List?

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