Eight Things I've Learned, So Far

It has been quiet here on my blog lately. May was a busy month for my family- I had a few volunteer projects in the works and we’re all adjusting to my husband’s summer work schedule (he works for a minor league baseball team, so this is his busy season!). But it does feel great to be back in this space, writing again and thinking about what I want to share with you throughout the summer! I have a lot planned, so stay close…

Today, I’m starting off with thoughts on marriage! On this day, eight years ago, I walked down the aisle. The day was full of love and excitement and jitters. A beautiful ceremony and celebration marked the beginning of our journey together. But Mike and I laugh today to think of all that we didn’t know about each other back then, and all that we still had to learn about marriage, and about ourselves. We're still learning, of course.

For fun today, I thought I’d share Eight Things I’ve Learned, So Far (during eight years of marriage). Here goes...

Eight Things I’ve Learned, So Far

1. One of life’s great mysteries, it is impossible to know all that is in store for your marriage. Whether you realize it at the time, you do take a leap of faith on your wedding day. The future, the great unknown, lies before you.

2. You unpack so much more than suitcases when the honeymoon is over. Slowly, gradually over time, you are unpacking your histories. You are laying on the table all that the world taught you so far about communicating, generosity and what love looks like.

3. Together you look at that table, crowded with the best and the worst of what you know, and you decide what fits into your own idea of marriage, and what does not.

4. It’s not easy to change old habits. It’s not easy to be the best version of yourself every moment of every day. But it actually is easy to apologize when you are wrong. And it is easy to forgive if you allow it to be.

5. Just as children pass through their stages of development, we adults continue to learn and grow and change, as well. The ways we choose to accept and nurture each other’s changes are the defining moments of our marriage.

6. An amazing power and freedom comes from seeing yourself in a new, brighter light. Partners who believe that you can shine brighter and do anything are the best kind of partners of all.

7. Strong, happy, healthy marriages require two strong, happy, healthy people.

8. Being strong, happy and healthy requires the conscience effort to be so, and the daily work of living with that goal in mind. (And witnessing that effort, I believe, is what builds an amazing foundation for life for our children).

Photos by Seth Jacobson Photography 

And what about you? What has marriage taught you so far? Leave a comment below, or join the conversation on Facebook.


Bernadette said...

So BEAUTIFUL, Allison! I think I'm going to print this one!!!
Definitely a leap of faith.
I think I've learned, like Dorothy, I have everything I need right under my nose, with an amazing person who is growing and learning on his own journey, just as I am. Also, I am not always right. :)

Karen Mazur said...

Well said Allison. You have a great understanding of what marriage means. One of the biggest things I've learned over thirty two years of marriage is that you have no real clue who this person is that you've married. It's only through the experiences of life that you discover the depths of that person's character and nature. I've learned to appreciate my husband so much more than I ever thought was possible as our life stories have developed and evolved. I am thankful for him every single day. Continue to enjoy your journey through marriage- life is never dull, and having someone to share it with makes every day more special.