Be the Change: The Sweater Story

It seems amazing, yet true- the more you talk about what really matters to you, the more honest you are, the more you speak from your heart, the more life seems to give you just what you need…

My husband and I were having an interesting conversation recently, about how we want to be remembered. Not really how we want to be remembered at the end of our lives, but how we want our children to remember this time in theirs. When they are grown and looking back on their childhoods, what will they say about our family life?

One thing we realized is that we’d love to be remembered for being caring and compassionate, and for doing good deeds for others. Yes, we strive for this within our family unit, but we are imagining bigger. We would like our girls to know their place within a larger community, and we’d like them to understand the immense value of offering kindness to others within that community. But most importantly, we really want them to just learn that from watching us. If good deeds and thoughtful gestures are a part of life around here, then hopefully they will be part of who our girls become.

So, we enjoyed our late night, feel-good conversation and it left us feeling like it’s never too early to think of little ways kids can help with good deeds. Then, the very next day, my husband took the girls for a walk around the block while I finished dinner. One of our neighbors opened her door to call to them, because she had a gift for the children.

Now, we don’t know our neighbor very well. She lives alone, she lost her mother earlier this year, and we don’t see her outside too often. If we ever do, we stop to say hello and chit chat for a minute, but that’s the extent of our relationship. So it was surprising that she gave each girl a beautiful hand-knit sweater, with lovely details and the sweetest little heart buttons!

My husband was touched, and with our recent conversation still ringing in his ears, he immediately invited her to come over for dinner next week. And needless to say, she loved that idea. It was that simple! I think community and connection are always just outside the door, waiting for us to open it. 

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